About Us

We are twin sisters from Iran based in Berlin with PhD degrees, one in Climate science and sustainability and the other in Geophysics / Seismology, and long-term experience in research and research management in Germany.  

The story of our childhood in Tehran includes a strong sense of community and belonging, a culture of sharing and gratitude for the prosperity of our life. These values formed a major part of our identities. Later, such sentiments were tapped on as we travelled the whole world for academic purposes. Gradually, behind a heavy veil of religion and politics, we rediscovered the true Middle Eastern culture and its culinary treasures that were such an integral part of our childhood.

About Us Foodlab Dr and Dr

Our global observations and our desire for a fair and better life for every one inspired us to go back to our roots and shine a light on the hidden corners of this culture. In our view, food is deeply connected to all aspects of the Middle Eastern culture and is undeniably linked to its arts, music, poetry, architecture, local traditions and landscapes.

As a culture and food lab Dr & Dr is the result of our research, documenting the fascinating finesses of the Middle Eastern food and culture. We have gone to great lengths to research, test and improve the balance of our dishes and their presentation in an exciting way, while respecting the traditions of each country to which we have travelled.

But the art of food goes further, beyond all political borders and considers the entire Middle East as one entity while spreading peace and love.

The local rituals and seasonal festivities such as the Persian Norouz, Christmas or Eid al-Fitr have always been the perfect excuse for us to offer the special food that is enjoyed on those festivities, the whole year round. With poetry readings, music and other traditional elements, we take local rituals beyond celebratory occasions.

Dr & Dr is an example of female leadership and empowerment with a social mission. We aim to create an experience that will take you on a journey through time, cultures and generations.

So you are cordially invited to Dr & Dr’ s sunny and colorful world of the Middle Eastern delights to collectively celebrate its mission of peace, unity, openness and love.